A COUPLE of weeks ago the rich guys put on overalls to settle the railroad strike. Now they’re putting ‘em on again to settle their own strike. Formal morning wear is nowa pair of denims and a full dinner pail. Correct afternoon attire is a pair of denims and an empty dinner pail. Evening dress consists of overalls and a lantern. Every overalls club is a club at the profiteer’s head. A month ago men wore overalls to dig out sewers and ditches. Now they’re wearing ‘em to dig into the Clothes Trust’s profits.

Overalls are a bigger hit than over there. And they won’t come off till price is lower here. Blue is the fashionable color for men’s clothes now — blue denim. For the first time Capital and Labor are on the same side — which is inside of overalls. A guy that puts on an $80 suit today is a scab that’s been bled.

If you aren’t putting on overalls you’re putting on airs — that’s the way they look at things now. America’s been getting along without stuff that’s Taylor-made in Kentucky. And now it can get along without stuff that’s tailor-made elsewhere. Today we’ve got the Overallic Blues.

No reason why overalls aren’t as appropriate in society as they are in a sewer. A smart dresser can do without a stiff shirt if he’s got a stiff $150 upper lip. And if we can get along without cocktails we can do without swallow tails. No matter how swell the function, the overalls the guests put on are as good as the rags the Jazz band puts over. If a dance hound is going to perspire through an evening, he’ll find cotton overalls are abetter absorbent than broadcloth evening clothes.

Two feet in overalls make all men equal. A cotillion cootie can wear blue denims and still be swell. Put-ting on ovies won’t hurt his caste, fora plumber with a lead pipe makes more dough than a butler with a silver tray, even if their toggery is a lot different. If a Fifth Avenue Cuthbert can’t get along without his Prince AIbert and Tuxedo, let him keep ‘em in the humidor instead of his wardrobe.

Overalls are a lead pipe cinch except they require no fittings. A guy can step into a store one minute and into a pair of denims the next! A dollar down and it’s paid for – that’s the beauty of denim suits. A classy business man’s ovies won’t cost so much as a buttonhole in a tailor-made outfit. As things look now, overalls are the only kind of clothes that have a silver lining. In a couple of months ovies should bring the profiteers to their knees. Heretofore a crap game was the only thing that could bring ‘em to their knees. 

By summer the fad may have spread to the frails.
Just now the girls are fighting the H. C. of L. by wearing less clothes instead of old ones. Overalls for men and silk underwear for women is only a 50-50 victory so far. But the overalls patriots can still win the ladies over if they only cut feminine denims a little lower and if they make ‘em in shades of turquoise and Alice blue.

The jenes shouldn’t fear of wearing these ovies.
Their hips can be pronounced, but nothing will be said of their shape otherwise. If the girls will only fall in, the U. S. will soon be the land of the red bandanna, white handsand blue denims ! — N. Y. World.